A simple software pipeline from test pattern to test program.

Dots Language

Write test pattern vectors using our domain specific language called Dots. It's designed to let engineers focus on writing test patterns instead of struggling with complicated syntax and features.

Dots Compiler

Using Leda, our test pattern compiler, compile your Dots test patterns into binary Stim files. It's basically an executable file that the tester's operating system understands.

Test Program

After compiling your Dots files into test patterns, create a test program and queue it to run on the Gemini Stimdeck.

Web Interface

To run your test programs, you can use a familiar and intuitive web interface that runs on every Gemini Stimdeck. No complicated software installations required. Just point a browser at it and go.

Gemini Stimdeck to DUT Board

Connect your custom device-under-test (DUT) validation board to the Gemini Stimdeck using a minimal hardware interface. We provide, at no cost, a board template to jump-start your design.

Get Results

Get test program status updates as they finish, including test pass/fail and failing cycle.

Check out the documentation to see how that happens.

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