The Web App runs on each Gemini Stimdeck on your local network. Through the Web App you can update the Tester's configuration, see other Testers on your network, and most importantly, queue test programs and test patterns to run. The Web App also provides information about what is currently queued, pending and has finished. Additionally, you can see the pass/fail status of individual test patterns and the failing cycle number.

Below we cover how to access the Web App and its usage.


To access the Gemini Web App, the Gemini Stimdeck must be powered and connected to your local network through the Ethernet port. Testers are assigned IP addresses automatically using DHCP, however, you can set a static IP address by setting it in the gemini.conf file, located on an FAT32 formatted SD Card.

Please speak to your network admin to obtain the IP address of the Gemini Stimdeck. Preferably, the admin should set a static IP address for the Tester. Once you obtain the IP address, you can simply use any web browser and navigate to http://<ip_addr>