Hardware debugging has never been this powerful.

The Gemini Stimdeck can execute thousands of test patterns by reading and writing logic levels on the Gemini Test Bus, to functionally test any attached device.
Step 1.

Design custom mezzanine boards that can easily interface to the Gemini Test Bus.

Step 2.

Develop test patterns to functionally test your specific hardware devices-under-test.

Step 3.

Using the Gemini Web App, easily execute thousands of test patterns and get pass or fail feedback immediately.

Develop test patterns using a simple vector format.

Creating test patterns is easy using Dots — our simple test vector language. Define your pins at the top, then drive and expect logic levels on those pins.

You can, for example, create programs to configure a JTAG TAP controller, program an FPGA, or interact with your custom silicon.

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# test a register scan chain


# assert reset_b

# sea of zeros
repeat 10 VC10L

# one in sea

# check zeros
repeat 9 VC10L

# now check high

Create test programs using the power of Lisp.

Combining Lisp's scripting features and our API, you can create powerful test programs to execute thousands of test patterns and conditionally branch and control the flow of execution as needed. As programs run, execution gets logged so you can see the progress in real time using the Web Interface.

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# run jtag boundry scan test

(set-profile "board_profile.json")
    (load "init_jtag.s")
    (load "boundry_scan.s")
    (load "finish_jtag.s"))

Tech Specs
Test Bus I/O 400 digital channels
Vector Execution Speed 50 Mbps
Per Channel Vector Burst Depth 67M vectors
Latency sub 10 nanosecond latency